Got Pets? Chances are you’ve got pet odor problems. Almost everyone who has pets encounters some type of pet related odor at one point or another. Pet odor removal service to the rescue!

Pet odors come from a variety of sources both internal and external. External is easy to deal with. Pet hairs, soil, skin cells and body oils can be removed with a combination of dry vacuuming and Pet Odor Removalour truck mounted steam cleaning service. Pet odors caused by internal fluids are a little trickier as they involve serious contamination and health issues. Urine, vomit and fecal matter must be promptly addressed along with proper remediation!

Urine removal is one of the most common pet odor removal elements we deal with. We generally see three different levels of urine contamination; light, medium and excessive urine saturation.

Urine contamination is in two parts:
1) Liquid
2) Salts and minerals left behind after the liquid has dried.

One of the most obvious effects caused by urine contamination that people notice right away is the malodor (the smell). When wet an ammonia type of odor is present. When dry there is a different condition causing the malodors.

Salts and minerals are left behind after urine dries. Bacterium that feeds on the urine salts is what causes the secondary odors. We’ve been in many homes cleaning in which the home owner stated there were no pet stains to be concerned with – only to find out otherwise! When any type of liquid (especially hot water) comes into contact with urine salts the odor will quickly be reactivated for everyone to smell.

Thankfully there are products that are available to help eliminate the odor caused by the urine salts. We utilize a live, organic digestant – a live enzyme- which feeds on the odor causing bacteria left behind in the urine salts. The enzymes work over a couple weeks and have a great impact on eliminating the odor caused by old dried urine.

What are the recommended procedures for heavy to extreme pet odor removal?

In cases of medium pet odors and urine contamination we always recommend a full restorative cleaning to flush out as much of the odor causing materials as possible from the surface of the carpet and then treating the areas with the odor enzyme both injected down into the backing of the carpet as well as applied topically.

In homes with heavy to extreme pet odor problems carpets generally the best course of action is to replace the carpet, pad, tack strips and even in some cases to replace the base boards and possibly some drywall. Short of replacement we recommend pulling back the carpet and steam cleaning the underside. The sub floor should also be disinfected and if needed, sealed to prevent the re-odoriztion from urine salts that can get embedded into the flooring material.

In terms of the damage and contamination that urine can cause to a home we’ve only touched on a couple of points. The main thing to remember when you are dealing with pet odors and urine saturation- try to be prompt in the removal of what is causing the odor whether it is by using a wet/dry vac or calling us to come out and take care of the problem for you. The longer pet odors are allowed to remain in a carpet the more damage (often irreparable damage) to your health and your home it will do.

Call now for your appointment to have your pet stained carpets and upholstery expertly cleaned and restored. Pet odor removal is an affordable, easy way to help keep your carpet looking its best, smelling great and keeping your home healthy for everyone.