Dye Restoration

Each day we service residential homes and commercial buildings where the number of color damaged carpets is enormous. Getting new carpet is not always an option. Spot cleaning methods do not solve color problems. However our spot dyeing services do! Bleach spills, pets, acne medications, improper cleaning and the unknown spill that none of the kids quite recall can all remove color from carpet. These are examples that are called “stains” but are actually damage that has removed some or all of the original dye from the carpet.

Our certified spot dye technicians can perform for a variety of color repairs including but not limited to those arising from:

  • Bleach
  • Red wine stains
  • Kool-Aide stains
  • Pet stains and discoloration

Embassy’s carpet spot dyeing services can fix what carpet cleaning can’t get out. No amount of carpet cleaning will get out some red stains or correct color loss due to bleach.

Call us now for your appointment to restore color to bleached spots and other discolored spot areas in your carpet. This is an affordable, easy way to help keep your carpet looking its best.